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AdStock IT Solutions, the Tech Company under Adstock is one of the pioneers in web -based application development and has to its credit several innovative web applications and ERP Solutions for major organizations in India and overseas.

AdStock Business Networks International Pvt.Ltd., a company based out of Bangalore, India. AdStock is an establishment that develops Software solutions for domestic and international markets. Founded in 1996, we comprise of a dedicated team with over 15 years of experience in Product Development, Internet and Intranet applications, Security and support services. AdStock has its associate company Business Networks International Inc. (www.bnetal.com) based in Atlanta, USA.

Products and Services

  • AdStock MIST a Educational ERP Software (www.adstockit.com)
  • ManageSecure a Security Software (www.managesecure.net)
  • SureDeliver a Secure Messaging Software (www.suredeliver.com)
  • SureVigil , remote monitoring for uptime, Performance ( www.surevigil.com)
  • Web based application development (www.adstockglobal.com)

The prime focus of AdStock is to develop web applications that enable organizations to maximize potential and optimize resources. AdStock is one of the pioneers in web based application development and has to its credits several innovotive websites for major organisations in India and abroad.

After interacting with Institutions and understanding their requirements, AdStock MIST was developed. It is an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software designed exclusively for educational institutions.Through continual refinement, this product has been perfected for precision and stability. Since launching, it has been incorporated successfully in institutes ranging from schools to large universities in India and abroad. AdStock MIST is fast becoming the ERP that organizations are relying on for high quality performance.

AdStock is committed to becoming a fore runner in Education ERP, serving the industry to best of its abilities. The company gives utmost importance to quality, support and testing. AdStock believes technical support is one of the key elements for a good working experience. AdStock support team has been highly appreciated for their responsiveness and efficiency. The quality of our technical support is kept in check through supervised customer survey programs.

We believe that our solutions should meet the complete needs of small, medium and large institutions. We are determined to maintain affordability and high profits to develop AdStock into a worldwide technological milestone.In this highly competitive market, AdStock strives to stay ahead of the game, guaranteeing its clients advanced solutions that pull results.