SureVigil® provides remote monitoring, alerting and reporting of health data exchanges, web-servers and web-services for uptime and performance. SureVigil® improves reliability and reduces operational risks by identifying performance issues and trends over extended periods of time, or during specific time intervals or business scenarios. By providing proactive alerting and independent reporting, SureVigil® helps healthcare organizations meet regulatory requirements for uptime and performance of real time transactions.

LogoSureVigil® is fully equipped to monitor generic web servers and web-services for uptime and performance of real-time request handling. Additionally, its robust implementation of healthcare data exchange standards enables SureVigil® to monitor Healthcare, Health Insurance and Public Health data exchange servers for efficient, reliable and continuous operation, which improves operational reliability, and helps address regulatory requirements for reliability and performance, such as requirements that Health Plans must meet for compliance with HIPAA and the Affordable Care Act (ACA).


  • Improves reliable operation and business continuity
  • Helps identify performance trends and performance spikes over extended periods of time
  • Gives you an external perspective of how trading partners and users are finding access to your web services and web applications
  • End-to-end uptime and performance monitoring from an external perspective can help identify issues at the edge of your enterprise that are not visible to internal monitoring tools
  • Reports generated by SureVigil can be used to support your regulatory compliance audits
  • Proactive approach to handling system down (before your customers report it)
  • Is platform independent – supported on Windows, Linux and Solaris. Hence this can be deployed across a wide array of sites and partners.
  • Comes to you fully backed by a highly experienced security team to support the product.

Using BNETAL’s SureDeliver® robust and secure platform as the underlying technology, SureVigil® enables monitoring of servers that implement many of the healthcare standards, including CAQH® CORE® Connectivity (for ACA Section 1104 compliance), CDC PHIN, NCPDP, and NwHIN Exchange standards.

SureVigil® is developed and marketed by Business Networks International Inc (BNETAL) a business associate of AdStock Global (Pvt) Ltd. More information on SureVigil is at